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VIDEO: Information Technology Trends with Tracy Cashman

The information technology sector is constantly changing and evolving, with new technologies coming into play and new skills needed for employees.  Tracy Cashman, Senior Vice President and Partner of WinterWyman's IT Search division, discusses some of the emerging technologies in this video, and what companies are looking to fill when they search for candidates.

IT recruiters try to fill a wide variety of positions every day.  They need candidates with varying skills and experience, and someone who's great for one job might be terrible for another.  Furthermore, newer technologies are presenting themselves as viable options for companies, who will try to stay ahead of the game by capitalizing on these technologies early.  In that respect, the IT professionals they hire must be well-versed in technologies that are still very young.  By owning the skills necessary to work with these new technologies, you're assuredly setting yourself up for success.


We place permanent people in a variety of technical jobs, from help desk on up through CIO level. A variety of industries, all sorts of different companies. A hot button for us over the past year and a half, two years, has been in the SaaS space, software as a service. So how that translates in an IT model is more and more systems administrators, who specifically have experience supporting these 24 by 7, mission critical types of environments, because obviously, if you're a software company and you're hosting your product for your clients, you can't be down.

Some of the new technologies that we've been seeing more of, obviously, we're starting to hear a lot more about cloud computing, and there are lots of companies talking about it. There are a few that are actually doing it, but there are a lot more that want to start to do it.

We've started to see more and more a fair amount of data warehousing and business intelligence roles, because a lot more companies are trying to think, "How do we use this data that we have, and how do we be more strategic in the way that we apply technology to making our business better?"

The bottom line is we provide a service in terms of matching people with companies and jobs, and there's a human side to that, that no matter how technical it gets, you can't replace.

Photo Credit: Cornell