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Come Work with WinterWyman

We don’t like to brag, but we love sharing our amazing culture, the fantastic people, our stellar reputation and everything else that makes WinterWyman an incredibly special place to work. Do you know someone who is smart, hard-working and interested in learning from the best? If so, send them our way. We’re hiring!


Brian Porrell: One of the great parts about working at WinterWyman is the opportunity for career advancement. I know for me personally, I was promoted from an individual contributing role into managing a whole sales team within my first three years here. And not just the opportunity, but the support I received along the way and the encouragement the whole time has been great.

Sarah Connors: Our team meetings are really collaborative. I feel like my ideas are heard and we even had a Think Tank for anyone here six months or less where their ideas were pitched to executive management.

James Doherty: It’s constantly moving. Really fast paced. It keeps you on your A game. It’s a great place to work.

Zach Rossignol: One of the reasons I came to WinterWyman was to make money. We have an extremely aggressive commission structure.

David Janowsky: One of the exciting things for me about working at WinterWyman is the opportunity to work with companies that we don’t know about today necessarily in the public market, but in time, in 5 to 10 years, these are companies that everyone knows about.

Haley McNeel: I came to WinterWyman without any knowledge of the recruiting industry, but they definitely provided me with the training and resources I needed every step of the way.

Kate Rokos: WinterWyman encourages me to suggest community service ideas that I’m personally invested in. Not only that, but we can do them during work hours even though we can be super busy.

Rae Sanders: WinterWyman does put a really strong emphasis on making sure our culture is as fun as possible and for salespeople this is particularly important because our jobs can be really demanding and to have things like cruise nights and happy hours and Office Olympics, field day – to have that kind of stuff, it really does help take the edge off.

Meghan Balavender: I found the culture here to be very warm and welcoming. Everyone here is incredibly approachable. I’ve met people here that are not only great colleagues but also awesome friends outside of work.

Nicolette Degrassi: It’s no wonder why WinterWyman wins Best Places to Work year after year, the people here are amazing.

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