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How Can Start-ups Hire the Best Employees Fast?

People are the single most important asset to any business and will often be the differentiator for start-up success or failure. For start-ups looking to scale, a faster cadence in hiring is critical. If you are recruiting for a start-up, here are five tips to hire great people fast:

1. Have your ducks in a row.

Not only does knowing what you’re looking for allow you to screen candidates expeditiously, disorganization scares even the most risk tolerant candidates. While start-up teams are adept at being nimble and working on the fly, having the job description, reporting structure, salary and other details in line will help you lure the best and brightest candidates.

2.  Know your story.

Articulate your vision and value proposition succinctly when looking for top talent fast. The interview is as much about highlighting why someone should work with your company as it is vetting the potential hire.  When a candidate is interviewing, they want to know why they should work with your company over their other options. Be ready to teach, discuss, and share interesting challenges about working at a start-up – yours in particular; showcase your company and let the candidate know why it’s a great place to work and an ideal opportunity for their career and professional development.

3. Don’t hesitate. 

Speed wins, plain and simple. If you don’t make the move and hire the coveted candidate fast, you’ll lose him or her to another company – and maybe even a competitor.

4. Embrace Social Media.

Social media often cuts down on time-to-hire. From an attraction standpoint, a company can not only reach out directly to potential candidates through LinkedIn or Twitter, but, it’s a great tool to engage them and share your story.

5. Your employees can help.

Tap into the networks of your employees by creating a lucrative and enticing employee referral program. You’ll gain an army of advocates and recruiters and an influx of candidates.

There are other tips I can offer and I’m always happy to discuss strategies with hiring managers. I can be reached at: dschade@winterwyman.com.

Photo Credit: Unsplash.com

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