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How to Land Your Dream Job – WinterWyman Experts Weigh-in

We asked our WinterWyman recruiters what advice they would give to people who are passionate about landing their dream jobs. Here’s what our experts had to say!

Brian Beaudry | Finance, Human Resources & Administrative

The key to landing the job of your dreams is to not have a “dream job.” The idea of a pre-packaged dream scenario can be a serious restriction in your search, and restrictions are the enemy of a successful job hunt. I recommend identifying what you really need out of a job to feel engaged and fulfilled. This could be things like company culture, work life balance, compensation, industry, etc.  These elements usually exist in a number of different opportunities. If you can build flexibility into your search, you’re more likely to find a role that fulfills your wants and needs. This will allow you to turn many real life opportunities into dream scenarios.

Patty Coffey | Technology

Have a clear and realistic view of what your dream job is. Once you have formulated that image, talk to your mentors, career coaches and recruiters, and ask their opinions.  Also, remember that your dream job might not be realistic at this present time. You may have to take a few steps now in order for it to be feasible down the road. Either way, keep an open mind and be patient.

Sarah Connors | Human Resources

Tell the hiring manager that this is the job of your dreams. If you act like this is just an interview or role like any other, the recruiter won’t know how strongly you feel about the opportunity. Use specific examples and let him or her know why you’re excited about this role. Your energy will likely be infectious, and your reasons could make you stand out from the crowd.

Tonya Salerno | Finance, Human Resources & Administrative

Identify what it is that actually makes it a “dream job.” Maybe it’s the day-to-day responsibilities, the culture and lifestyle, or the mission or product you’re supporting. It starts from understanding what it is you want, and why the job is ideal. Anything worthwhile is never easy, so prepare your resume so that it highlights the requirements of the position. Also, spend some time researching the company and its employees before you step into the interview.

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