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IT Hiring Trends in the Boston Market – What the Experts are Seeing

With WinterWyman’s expertise in the area of Information Technology, our IT recruiters are continually asked about IT hiring trends. Amy Finn, WinterWyman’s Director of Marketing, sat down with Joe Kotlinski, Partner and Manager of WinterWyman’s Technology division, to talk about these trends, learn how recruiters are sourcing IT talent and discover the things IT professionals can expect to see in the months ahead. Here’s what Joe had to say:

Amy FinnDirector of Candidate Experience & Marketing: What IT skillset is in highest demand?

Joe Kotlinski:

Cloud/DevOps Engineers

Without a doubt, DevOps Engineers continue to be the skill set that is in the highest demand in the Boston IT job market. After a bit of lull over the past two years, DevOps Engineers with experience in Linux systems administration, scripting/programming (using Python, Ruby, etc.), configuration management (using Puppet, Chef, Ansible) and cloud technology are leading the way. Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to be the most dominant and in demand cloud technology. Containerization (using Docker, Kubernetes, etc.) is becoming an increasingly important skill.

Business Systems Analysts

Business Systems Analysts are too, in high demand. BSANs serve as the liaison between the business and IT teams.  Since BSANs work very closely with the business, a BSAN must understand the business and industry, the jargon and systems that are used.  Unlike many IT roles, BSAN skills are not always transferable between industries.  For example, a healthcare company might not be interested in BSANs out of the investment industry.

.Net Developers

With demand having lessened the past two years or so, the need for experienced.Net web developers have made a robust comeback. Full stack development – front, mid-tier and backend in particular –  having experience building applications from scratch, with C# and SQL Server are the most desired skills.

Amy Finn: What skillsets are starting to grow in demand?

Joe Kotlinksi: Other skillsets and technologies that are starting to emerge include cloud storage/databases (AWS S3, Redshift, etc.), big data, Tableau, and business intelligence.

Amy Finn: Are there certain industries that are leading the way in IT hiring?

Joe Kotlinski: While IT hiring seems to be across all industries and company sizes, financial and investment firms and technology companies are two of the biggest industry segments looking to add IT talent.

Amy Finn: Where are the best places recruiters can go to source IT talent?

Joe Kotlinski: LinkedIn is a blessing, yet somewhat of a curse. It seems like everyone out there, from corporate recruiters to agency recruiters, use and rely heavily on LinkedIn to source quality candidates.  Job postings, once a great way of attracting talent, are less effective now than in the past.  To find the best talent, recruiters need to continually seek out new places and ways to source candidates.  Many recruiters are finding success by tapping into their personal networks.  Some staffing firms are turning more toward their internal, proprietary candidate databases to find candidates who may not be on LinkedIn. Also, networking events and social media are always solid activities to boost your IT hiring efforts.

To learn more about IT hiring in the Boston market, contact Joe at jkotlinski@winterwyman.com or 781-530-3059.

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