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Meetup to Enhance Your Technology Career

You may think you need to attend a Silicon Valley tech conference to discover the latest technology, meet your industry’s innovators and leaders, and build up your network with other like-minded professionals. But you don’t need to hop a plane to keep your technology career on track. You can do it from home using Meetup.

Meetup is a unique social networking site that links people based on common interests and location. Each group regularly meets in person, which makes it different from other social media networks. It’s a very natural, yet cutting-edge way to connect and share ideas–especially for people working in the technology sector. If you’re a technophile, here’s why you should Meetup:

Share your passion

Your group’s members would be local folks who are as passionate about technology as you are. Meetup provides an exciting atmosphere to share your interests, learn about what’s on the horizon, and partake in healthy debates (JAVA vs. .Net, etc.).

Diversify your network

Technology groups share a common interest, but their membership may consist of college kids, developers, administrators, entrepreneurs, and CEOs. Meetup puts you in front of a cross-section of professionals you may not meet otherwise. You can build relationships with people who share your interests and your industry.

Learn from leaders

Often, meetings will feature a guest speaker who will talk about a new tool or technology. Many times, the presenters are CEOs, CTOs, or inventors. You can learn about a software or product from the people who built it. How cool is that?

Be in both worlds

Meetup provides a venue that links people on two levels: through social media and group meetings. Members have access to blogs, discussion boards, and calendars online, and they also meet in person. We tech professionals are often superstars behind a computer screen, but don’t always feel the same level of comfort talking face-to-face. Meetup offers a relaxed way to connect with others and hone our interpersonal skills.

Get started!

Joining a group is easy. Head over to Meetup to register and add information about yourself and your interests. The site will suggest groups for you or you can search on your own.

The technology sector is constantly evolving, and so must you if your career is going to keep pace. Take your career to the next level by joining a local Meetup group today!

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