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New York Tech Hiring Fueled by Tech Giants and Startups

Author Horace Greeley once famously said, “Go west young man.” But now, the reverse is allowing technical job seekers to find opportunity and success right in New York.

Over the past several years, there’s been a migration of notable, West Coast based technology leaders like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Amazon into the New York market. These brands are offering ample engineering opportunities and some of the most aggressive compensation packages available.

The local startup community also continues to expand thanks to the healthy flow of venture capital funding. This is creating a flourishing hiring market for technologists, particularly those in the software engineering verticals. The dramatic growth of local businesses like Appnexus ($1.2BB valuation), ZocDoc ($1.6BB valuation), and Buzzfeed ($850MM valuation) is driving demand for engineering talent. These vibrant companies continue to enhance New York’s reputation as an attractive destination for the world’s best engineers, carving into the historical hotbed of talent on the West Coast.

Outside of the startup community, opportunities also abound in the more traditional companies in the Media and Advertising space as digital innovations continue to transform their industries.

Engineers and developers top most wanted list

Software engineers, mobile engineers and DevOps professionals are the most in demand roles in the New York market. Mobile engineers in either the iOS or Android markets are perhaps the most sought-after profile and very difficult to obtain for full-time roles since many of them are taking advantage of plentiful and lucrative contracting opportunities.

Data engineers are in great demand in the city as businesses scramble to keep up with the growing needs of Big Data. Engineers building high performance systems capable of analyzing massive amounts of real-time data command top salaries. New York’s hiring managers are also looking for developer candidates proficient in Python, Ruby, Node.js and Java backgrounds.

New York’s Technology Community is strong and the area is a great place to be if you’re a technology professional in the job market.

Photo Credit: Wonderful Engineering

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