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Watch: 7 Quick and Crucial Tips to Crush Your Next Interview

Do you have an interview coming up? WinterWyman’s recruiting pros share their top tips for success in this quick video.


Manners Matter: Be on time and send a thank you note.

Know your resume: Know your resume up and down – everything listed on it is fair game for questions. 

Come Prepared: Make sure to research the company beforehand.

Show Interest: Have an answer to the question, “why are you interested in this particular role?”

Address concerns with your interviewer: Be sure to ask the interviewer if they have any questions. It’s important to address any concerns before you leave your interview.

Am I a Fit? So, my favorite tip about interviewing is just to figure out what they think of you as a candidate. Something basic like, “any questions I can answer for you about my background, my experience” or, “can you see me in this role?” It can be kind of a scary question – but at the end of the day, you really want to know.

Why do you want it? Make sure to tell them why THIS is your dream job.

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