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WATCH: Five Tips for Hiring a Front-End Developer

Laurie Lopez,┬áPartner for WinterWyman’s Technology division, provides concrete suggestions to employers about how to hire and retain Front-End Developers in this short video. Offering flexible work schedules, involving your Front-End team and these other tips will make your hiring process easier and more strategic.


Front-end developers work for a variety of different companies. Today, it’s pretty much across any type of organization.

Tips for Hiring a Front-End Developer

  1. The first thing is the type of work or project that this person is going to be working on. What’s so sexy or different about your project?
  2. The second is: don’t over-complicate the interview process. If your competitors are moving faster than you are in the process, they’ll be off the market.
  3. The third is: allow flexible work schedules. These candidates have access to many opportunities which allow them to either work off-site part of the time, or all of the time.
  4. The fourth is: sell your company. It’s really important that they hear and get really excited about your organization.
  5. The fifth is: involve your front-end team. It allows the front-end developer to interact with someone they are going to be working with.

Hiring Options

Companies should consider hiring contract front-end engineers. Typically these candidates like to go from different projects because they want to keep their skills fresh.

It’s beneficial to use a recruitment firm because we have a network that’s already established.

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