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Watch: Interview Tips for Job Seekers – How to Set Yourself up for Success

The job is perfect – you have the right background, skills and experience, and you are invited in for the interview, but how do you make sure it goes well? We asked our expert recruiters to share their top interview tips for success. Watch what they had to say.


Don’t stretch the truth in your interview. Own what you know and more importantly, what you don’t.

A major turnoff in interviews is if you’re arrogant or overly confident.

Make sure when you go to the interview you’re dressed professionally. You don’t want to show up looking disheveled.

Lacking energy and enthusiasm, or acting bored or disinterested, is a red flag to the hiring manager that you’re really not into the job.

Keep the questions relevant to the job. Asking things like, “do you have casual Fridays?” or “what’s the food in the cafeteria like?” in the first-round interview is too soon.

Showing up late or even worse, showing up late without an explanation and a sincere apology is a good way to turn off a potential employer.

Do your homework. Do your research before you go on any interview. Know what they do, who you’re interviewing with and what they’re looking for.

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