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Watch: Meet Jamie Chafel | WinterWyman Software Technology Recruiter

We caught up with Jamie Chafel of our Software Technology division on his approach to recruiting the top tech talent in the Boston area and why working with WinterWyman can give you the inside scoop on what’s going on in the market.


My approach is really no pressure at all – I don’t apply any. In connecting with me, there’s never any expectation that comes around when you’re making a move or that you’re making a move at all for that matter.

Sometimes when I connect with candidates our conversation confirms that staying put is the right move for them, and that’s a great outcome, too. The only hope that I have is that it’s the start of a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship where I could become a valuable resource for them in their career.

A lot of the value I provide is knowing and sharing the flexibility in companies’ job descriptions because of the relationships that we have with these organizations. Sometimes that’s picking out companies that offer the chance for an Engineer to work in a new programming language or framework for the first time, or its companies that offer the chance to manage other engineers without any prior experience doing so. Or a lot of times, it’s providing access to jobs that aren’t posted at all. Often within early to late-stage software startups or, highly visible roles within established product companies.

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