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Watch: Recruiter’s Guide for Beginning Your Job Search

WinterWyman Recruiter, Jamie Chafel, shares his top tips for getting started on your search for a new job.


Tip 1: Self-assessment. Put yourself through an honest self-assessment of what you like and don’t like about your current job, and what’s most important to your career wise moving forward.

Tip 2: Leverage Social Media. Use social media to your advantage. You can’t predict how your target opportunity is going to source for candidates, so make sure that you are findable and marketable across as many platforms as possible.

Tip 3: Be Selective. If you’re being selective (which you should be,) the search can take some extra time. But it’ll all be worthwhile if you’ve had the discipline to wait out and go after the right fit. It helps to set up a weekly schedule where you can carve out specific blocks of time to search and hold yourself accountable to it.

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