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Watch: Six Ways to Stay Positive During Your Job Search

No matter if you’re seeking a permanent position or a temporary engagement, when you’re searching for a job you may be feeling nervous, mixed with a bit of excitement. WinterWyman recruiters, Meghan Balavender and Sarah Terlaga share their best tips for staying positive in your search.


Hi, I’m Sarah Terlaga and I’m Meghan McFee (Balavender) and we’re recruiters with WinterWyman. Here are six ways to stay positive during your job search.

1. Complete a Self-Evaluation: Before starting your job search, know what you’re looking for. Consider things like commute, opportunity and the compensation that you’re targeting.

2. Manage Your Emotions: While multiple interviews can be exciting, a lack of interviews can lead to disappointment. While these swings are natural, do your best to keep your moods balanced.

3. Control Your Search: It’s important to stay organized. Keep a running list of where your resume is being sent, who you’re meeting with and the outcome of each interview.

4. Re-energize and Rejuvenate: Don’t let your job search control your life, you’ll burn out. Find ways to re-energize and rejuvenate like reading a book or hitting the gym.

5. Set Realistic Expectations: If you aren’t seeing much activity, it could be helpful to expand your search. The more flexible you are with your parameters, the more likely a recruiter will be able to show you more opportunities.

6. Celebrate the Little Wins: Reworking your resume, applying for jobs or going on an interview are reasons to celebrate. The job search is a long process, don’t dwell on what isn’t happening and instead focus on the small wins.

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