Watch: Tips for Making your New Hire Feel Welcome

The onboarding process can be overwhelming – help your new employee get acclimated quickly with these tips from WinterWyman’s Employee Engagement Coordinator, Lauren Clear.


Hi, I’m Lauren Clear from WinterWyman’s Employee Engagement team. Here are a few tips to make your new hire feel welcome.

Create a Welcoming Environment: Prep the new employee’s workstation with a namplate, supplies, company swag and other items that will help him or her feel more at home.

Give them Something to Do: There’s nothing worse than being bored your first few weeks on the job. Fill the gaps in your new hire’s onboarding schedule with reading materials, webinars and different opportunities to chat with their new colleagues.

Provide an Office Tour: Give the new hire a tour of the office. Show them where the kitchen, restrooms and other common areas are. Don’t forget to stop for introductions along the way!

Use the Buddy System: The onboarding process can be overwhelming. Don’t let the new hire go at it alone. Assign him or her a “buddy” to help them answer questions and provide ongoing support.

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