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Watch: Why Everyone Should Have a (Good) Recruiter

Watch Jamie Chafel, a Principal with WinterWyman’s Software Technology division, share three ways a (good) recruiter can help you throughout your professional life.


What makes a good recruiter? Being a good recruiter means a number of things, but more than anything, it indicates you’re working with someone that genuinely has the candidate’s best interest in mind throughout the process. Even more so, someone that’s going to place the emphasis on finding the best possible outcome for the candidate over any needs of their own.

What can a “trusted advisor” offer? A trusted advisor takes on a much more consultative relationship with their candidates and really takes the time to learn what makes them tick – both personally and professionally – and uses that in identifying companies and opportunities that can be most fulfilling to that individual on a unique level. 

A good recruiter can help you land your dream job. I think all of us have a “dream job” that’s out there. A position that we would want to consider regardless of time and regardless of how happy we are in our current job. Working with a good recruiter that’s interested in building a long-term relationship and wants to learn and know what one’s “dream job” scenario is, can contact you when that comes about.

Recruiters can offer peace of mind. Another reason it’s very important to have a trusted recruiter in your network is for a situation where the unexpected arises at work. This could be anything from something really unexpected like losing your job, or even a conversation with a newly positioned manager that leaves you weary, the peace of mind of knowing that you can reach out to someone that knows you, cares about you and can mobilize quickly to help find a solution to the problem, can be worth its weight in gold. 

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