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Why Contract Employment Works for You Right Now

Too many candidates worry that the position they are looking at is not their dream job. They are not sure if they can commit to it for the rest of their lives. But why should the choice be so stark? Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good when it comes to considering temporary and contract positions.

Nothing is Forever

Do you need to commit to a job forever? The simple answer is, ‘did your last job commit to you?’ No one is suggesting you take a position, permanent or contract, if you think you are going to be gone within a month. But if a company can’t commit to you right off of the bat then you shouldn’t feel bad keeping your options open. If the perfect job comes along, just give professional notice and work hard until the end.

Happy Endings

Sometimes, the “right now” job turns out to be the right job. Often, the contract or temporary position will give the company time to learn your true value and worth. Just be sure that the position is in line with your career goals before taking the plunge.

Mind the Gap

Just like at work where the busy people always get more projects, employed people find work. Most hiring managers will look more seriously at a candidate who has been proactive, working, and keeping income coming into the family over someone who has been out of work for a year, whether it was their choice or not. Temporary and contract positions are great ways to keep active during your job search

Beat a Jobless Recovery

While none of us considers ourselves a temp, in what could possibly be a prolonged jobless recovery, on-demand staffing or contracting may be the only way to go. A position still has to make sense for you, but being flexible with duties, titles and pay will show your willingness to contribute and won’t paint you into a corner.

Parting Comments

All of us want to make a seamless transition upward from position to position. Sometimes, the job market won’t cooperate. When out of work, don’t dismiss temporary and contract opportunities. These positions may not be perfect,  but they are a good way to stay sharp, earn money, and stay marketable in a difficult economy.

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