Ben Hicks

Senior Vice President Software Technology / QA

QA / Automation
Software Technology

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A Little Bit About Me

Timing is the hardest thing to control in a job search - whether you are on the hiring end or the searching end. A great recruiter can help you manage this time line, and there are things you can do to ensure that the timing works out to your advantage.

Failing to expand your horizons in terms of considering things outside of the target. For an employer this means focusing too much on a niche skill set rather than talent overall, and for job seekers it generally means dismissing opportunities based on preconceived notions about size, stability, technologies, etc.

Golf, skiing, the beaches of Cape Cod, watching sports (Boston and University of Michigan teams in particular) and beer (making it, drinking it and talking about it).

Making an impact with the people I help - either in helping them hire a person who can make a significant impact on their team, or helping someone find a role that positively impacts their career.