A Little Bit About Me

Keep an open mind. Things on paper aren’t the same as in real life. More often than not, your early opinions about the opportunity (or person) will change as you learn more, and if you make rash decisions you may miss out on something (or someone) that would have been the perfect fit. It’s helpful to find a recruiter/consultant that you trust and can have honest, open dialogues with, and it’s important to voice what you’re looking for and what your concerns are as you move through the process.

Not being prepared for interviews. Whether you are the interviewer or interviewee, it leaves a negative impression – one that you can’t afford – if you are not prepared or you do not treat the interview seriously. Candidates: do your research ahead of time, know about the company and the people you’ll be meeting with, and have questions ready (you can write them down!) from that research. Employers: this is a hot job market, which means talented candidates are hard to come by and likely have several options. If you’ve succeeded in finding someone you want to interview, don’t mess up the opportunity to hire that person by not being prepared with relevant questions and topics to discuss during your time with them.

I love hiking, hanging out with friends at new spots around the Boston area, traveling and meeting new people. If you have any favorite restaurants or hang out spots local to the greater Boston area, I’m all ears!

The opportunity I have to build relationships with highly intelligent and interesting people. There is no better feeling than helping make a career match happen, and that starts with understanding the short- and long-term needs of both clients and candidates. I’m excited by the opportunity I have to get to know individuals on a personal and professional level to ensure their happiness and success on the job. At the end of the day, my role is all about helping people take the next step in their career, and that is a rewarding experience to be sharing in!