Elizabeth Webster Felix

Senior Recruiting Manager / Team Leader

Accounting / Finance

Year Started Recruiting


A Little Bit About Me

I think it is important as a job seeker to not be too narrow in your search. If you are not open minded in your job search you can potentially pigeonhole yourself and miss out on great opportunities. It is vital to consider every aspect of the job and not focus solely on pay rate and job title when choosing a position. I have found that the more open and positive job seekers are, the happier they are with their career choices ultimately.

Unemployed job seekers far too often underestimate the benefit of contract work due to a negative preconceived notion of what a "temp" is. Several times a day I speak with job seekers who quickly reference why they don't want to contract while completely overlooking how it can give them an edge over their competition. Contracting is an excellent way to keep a person's skills fresh and relevant, eliminates resume gaps, shows future employers they are hard-working and, above all, is a great way to get a job seeker's foot into a door that would have otherwise been closed to them. We have seen on more than one occasion a temporary worker go into a company for a short term assignment for a predetermined amount of time and once given that opportunity to show their skills the company realized what an asset they were and extended a full-time permanent offer. For every con a job seeker has regarding temping we have at least one pro, just ask us!

I love to travel and am an avid shopper.

I think the most rewarding part of the job is feeling confident that you made the correct match between a job seeker and a position. There are endless factors that interfere throughout the staffing process and it takes a lot of work to create an ideal match. The satisfaction that comes from finding a candidate that you've been working with a great job and making a client happy makes the grunt work it takes to get to that point worth it.