A Little Bit About Me

A job search, whether from the candidate’s or hiring manager’s perspective, can cause a lot of anxiety. It is important to remember that a job search should be quality over quantity, finding a balance between being too selective and too indiscriminate in the opportunities, or candidates, you pursue. Remember that a job search is just that; a search, and should be approached with patience.

Candidates are consistently telling me what they wish they could have done differently in their last job search. I tell them that this time they need to trust their gut. You can look at the benefits, go on multiple interviews, and talk with your family all you want. In the end, the right decision, and the successful decision, is not necessarily the one that makes logical sense, but the one that is thought-out and just “feels right.”

I’m a dog loving, country music fan with a passion for volunteer work.

Checking my inbox. Every morning I wake up and the first thing I do is check my phone to see who I have connected with. The opportunities that could potentially come from these introductions that could benefit the candidates I work with is what excites me.