A Little Bit About Me

I always encourage job seekers to be prepared for interviews. It's something basic that many overlook. The best way to be engaged in an interview is through genuine excitement which can only come from doing the necessary research in advance.

I see a number of software engineers reach a point where they feel that "moving up the ladder" is a good career move. They feel they aren't growing if they don't move into a leadership position. If someone is passionate about becoming a leader, they should pursue that interest; however, in software "you are your skillset," and I get nervous when people become removed from the code base because they feel it's the only way to advance their career. It's dangerous in this industry to let your technical skills atrophy. There are other options to advance your career while ensuring that your career will have stability.

Helping people to advance their careers. It's rewarding to get to know someone who is looking for the right environment to grow, and over time partner with them and go digging for the right thing that ultimately puts them in a better situation and allows them to move their career forward.