A Little Bit About Me

Job seekers, during an interview always be confident, show that you’re excited about the opportunity and dress to impress. You can’t undo a first impression!

Employers, don’t leave job seekers in the dark. If a candidate submits his or her resume, try to follow up. We’re all busy, but a quick acknowledgment that you received the resume and yes you’d like to move forward, or no you’re going another route, can make all the difference to a candidate.

I'm from Portland, Maine and grew up surrounded by the ocean, so naturally, I am a huge beach bum! I also enjoy traveling to fun places, cooking new dishes, trying out trendy restaurants and spending time with my family.

As cliché as it sounds, my favorite part about my job is that I get to do what I love. It would be frowned upon for most people to be on Facebook and Twitter at work all day, but it’s my job!