A Little Bit About Me

Come prepared! Especially to an interview or first day on the job. Make sure to do your research and have a clear picture of the role and responsibilities as well as why you are interested in the job. This shows you will operate with the same level of thoroughness should you accept the job.

One of the biggest mistakes I see job seekers make is opening up their search too wide too fast and then getting overwhelmed with phone calls and initial interviews. Really take the time to come to a clear picture of the role you are looking for and stick to only targeting roles that fall within that scope. This will save everyone time and energy throughout the process and ultimately lead you to finding the right job quicker!

I'm an active person who loves to be outside, especially in the summer. I'm a basketball player at heart but a fan of playing any sport (especially cornhole!). I also love to read and play card games.

This job is very fast-paced and every day is a bit different. I’m not only able to help people find the right role for them, but I’m also constantly learning new things myself as well!