A Little Bit About Me

For employers: selecting an exclusive resource for your search will motivate them to find you the best talent. Giving a search out to everyone dilutes effectiveness and can turn candidates off. For job seekers: Do your research and network in combination with partnering with a staffing firm. If you do both, you'll be more prepared for interviews and will increase your exposure.

I've seen many companies lose out on top talent because they wanted to "shop around" for more candidates. If you meet a great match for your position, hire them. The market is very competitive and holding out often times results in losing the best candidate.

Spending time with family and friends, volunteering, good food, barre workouts and traveling.

I love knowing that our team makes a significant impact on the world around us. Organizations are becoming more Technology driven by the day. Knowing that we help technical talent find rewarding careers while also solving business hiring needs is a great feeling. We are fortunate to have such great client partners and talent in the markets we serve. I also love my internal team; we are always challenging each other to be our best and support each other on our adventure. We hire honest, hard working people and I truly enjoy what I do.