A Little Bit About Me

Whether you are a client selling a role or a candidate hoping to get selected, listening during the interview is crucial. When asked a question, lead directly with the answer. Sometimes interviewers or interviewees are eager to show expertise and knowledge - and lead with information related to the answer, but do not give the answer itself. The listener is left waiting for the actual answer and may not hear the ancillary information you’re sharing. To avoid this, I recommend an interview style that always leads with the answer, then follows up with supporting detail.

As a recruiter, it's my responsibility to dissect a job description or resume, determine if it’s a good fit for the candidate or hiring manger and make recommendations appropriately. If you are engaging with a recruiter, take a moment to really listen to their advice and knowledge, hear what they have to say and consider the recommendations. Trust your recruiter to serve as a bridge. If you don’t value your recruiter’s contributions in this area, it may be time to consider working with a different professional.

While most of my spare time is spent with my son visiting the zoo, hitting the beaches, and enjoying the latest adventures of Bob The Builder, I have been know to pick up a golf club and run around after that illusive ball. This year we will make an attempt at a vegetable garden. My hope is that we can enjoy the fresh vegetables before the bunnies.

One of the best parts of my work is watching and helping my candidates and clients grow in their careers. This growth comes in the forms of learning new skills, exploring different industries, and of course becoming leaders in their fields. I have a variety of candidates I placed in their first jobs years ago who are now CEOs. It’s very gratifying.