A Little Bit About Me

Be prepared! For employers, identify your ‘must haves’ in your candidate search and be able to triage your criteria to find the best possible match. For job seekers, study for your interview like you would for a test. Try to anticipate interview questions and have your responses formulated ahead of time so you don’t get tongue-tied in the actual interview. Also, have relevant and well thought-out questions prepared to ask the hiring manager that you can’t answer on your own. This not only demonstrates a genuine interest in the job and the company, but it shows you’re an intelligent, curious and engaged candidate.

For employers, it would be writing off a candidate too early because they lack a specific skill set. If the candidate is an excellent cultural/personality fit, there could be a missed opportunity because many skills can be learned quickly. For job seekers, the experience can often feel like a roller-coaster, with its fair share of disappointment and frustration. It is important to stay positive, confident, and to keep looking forward to the next opportunity. Eventually, the right job will pan out.

I love traveling, cooking, spending time with my two dogs, running, skiing, and yoga. (I'm a certified yoga instructor and I love teaching classes as much as I love practicing myself.)

It is incredibly rewarding to help candidates find a job that aligns their professional and lifestyle goals.