A Little Bit About Me

For employers: Once they have identified a candidate that they feel is of superior quality, they must move their recruiting process along as quickly as possible. If you feel that you have a great candidate on your hands, then very likely other hiring managers feel the same about this individual!

Employers not being quick enough through the recruiting process to secure the candidate they covet.

I'm a family guy, totally devoted to my wife and two wonderful daughters. Also youth sports is a passion, and I get to enjoy it fully by coaching my kids in numerous sports including basketball, softball, and soccer, and serving on my town's Softball Board of Directors. I find there's no greater satisfaction than helping a child achieve their goals. After all that I manage to find time to enjoy extended family and friends, and love to cook when I get the time.

Providing the peace of mind that a client feels when I am able to bolster their project with the right resource.