Sonia Torretta

Senior Staffing Manager

Accounting / Finance
Human Resources


New York / New Jersey


   212.616.3522 New York Office

A Little Bit About Me

Be positive and positive vibes will come your way!

The biggest mistake made by job seekers is that they are too specific and unwilling to listen to other opportunities. Having experience makes you a strong candidate and well rounded. You never know where you may end up, having an open mind can only help!

My life pretty much revolves around my dog and food. I come from a family that has always been in the food industry leaving us to be nothing short of foodies. Spending time around the dinner table with my family is definitely one of my favorite things to do. I also love finding all the new trending food scenes and restaurants with my sisters. I love being active - I’m usually running, hiking, or trying to find any way to get outside.

My favorite part about my job at WinterWyman is that it’s like a puzzle every day. I am constantly trying to find the right fit for a position, but also the right position for a candidate. Sometimes it works, sometimes it may not. When it is the right candidate for a position, you feel amazing!