A Little Bit About Me

For employers: communicate, if not with the temp then the agency. Everyone wants to do well and will certainly change if they hear that the work isn't on target. For job seekers; ask how the interview went and if the interviewer has any concerns. Like it or not you want to know what they are thinking.

Employers like to wait for the perfect candidate, forgetting that they may have been less than perfect themselves when they applied. If you like someone, take a chance on them. That faith placed in the new hire will be repaid in work and devotion. Job seekers need to remember that everything is important. Every application, cover letter, follow up, thank you and email. One mistake or one short cut can be the tipping point between you and another candidate.

Cooking, travel, family.

Seeing new companies and learning what makes them work. Anyone can send resumes, I want to send people who fit a company and can make a difference.